Bosque_Pattern Tray_SM Pill 2.jpg

Pattern Tray - Small Double


Pattern Tray - Round


Sculptural and functional objects for serving, organization or display, pattern trays can be used individually or configured to create bold compositions.

  • Food Grade Finish

  • Solid Ash

  • 6” x 6” x 2”

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Bosque_Pattern Tray_SM Pill 2.jpg
Bosque_Pattern Tray_SM Pill 1.jpg
Bosque_Pattern Tray_SM Pill 3.jpg
Bosque_Pattern Tray_Ensemble 8.jpg
Bosque_Pattern Tray_Stacked_Pill.jpg
Bosque_Pattern Tray_Stacked_Pill 2.jpg
Bosque_Pattern Tray_Set 3 Bright.jpg
Bosque_Pattern Tray_Set.jpg
Bosque_Pattern Tray_Set 5.jpg
Bosque_Pattern Tray_Ensemble.jpg
Bosque_Pattern Tray_Stacked_Pill 4.jpg