Introducing the Cusp Table

I am so excited to introduce the Cusp Coffee Table to you! The first furniture piece in the Bosque Debut Collection, it truly represents what this company stands for. Blending age-old craft techniques with innovative modern-day technology, this piece is representative of our time. 

In our contemporary lives, we make use of incredible technologies to connect and create. Yet we can’t help but be drawn to history and craft. Bosque's designs lie between these two often-disconnected worlds. The Cusp Table is designed to blend aesthetically and functionally with the most modern of homes or the most historic. The clean lines and thin silhouette of the base create a visual weightlessness while the solid, carved Ash top creates substance, texture and balance. 

Producing this piece is a collaborative effort. The top is made from a combination of my own hand-craft and CNC routing. Similarly, the base utilizes my own hand craft and high-tech bending techniques by a local pipe bending company. In reaction to large-scale manufacturing that often results in quickly and cheaply made furniture, there has been a resurgence of highly crafted, highly designed work in the U.S. Every piece at Bosque is born out of this resurgence and promises you the highest quality, most durable designs so that you only have to furnish your home once. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share the story of this design with you! If you would like to be informed when it and more designs are available, you may sign up for the mailing list HERE