Here, I Made This For You.

Respite . Oregon Coast, 2015

Respite. Oregon Coast, 2015

    In his book, The Cabinetmaker’s Notebook”, James Krenov speaks of our connection to objects in the home. He discusses a table “made of solid doussie wood that is oil-finished and will last for fifty years or more and grow beautiful as it is being used; that will give off a quality of sound when a glass or cup is placed on it.” Such a table would encapsulate a lifetime of stories and experiences, inherently becoming an heirloom, or maybe moving on to another family’s home. 

  In my childhood home in Massachusetts, the bed I slept on through my teenage years was an heirloom, still in the family today. In an era where furniture and household objects often chase trends, companies pressure us to participate in throw-away culture, restyling our homes on a yearly or seasonal basis. I prefer objects in my home that delight me in the changing light of days and seasons, objects that are better and more beautiful with use. 

  I created Bosque as a respite for myself and for you, my like-minded friends who are building your homes and your lives with intention, people who feel pride of place and who are inspired by the environment that surrounds them. Every object from Bosque tells a story and is made to last a lifetime, to encapsulate your story. These objects fill me with incredible joy and I intend they will do the same for you. 

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Krenov, James. A Cabinetmaker's Notebook. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company Inc., 1976. Print.

The title of this post is a reference to Seth Godin's Blog post, "Here, I  made this."